How to Choose Your Diamond – An Insider’s Guide on Selecting a Diamond for Your Engagement Ring


In a really perfect international with limitless budgets and an infinite deliver of diamonds, all and sundry would have fantastically reduce “D Flawless” diamonds. In the real global every diamond is specific. There are lots of splendid diamonds to go round – you just want to recognise the way to find one.

Choosing a diamond is about balancing several factors to make the maximum of your price range. Each issue contributes to the beauty and status of your diamond. I will provide an explanation for these factors so you may be prepared to make an informed selection about your diamond D color buy.


People frequently use the phrase Carat whilst discussing how big a diamond is, however “Carat” genuinely refers back to the weight of a diamond.

There is not any rule as to what carat weight you should buy, but you will probably have heard that “larger is higher.” If you ask me, I think larger is awesome however you shouldn’t forget approximately the opposite elements of a diamond’s nice.

A beneficial tip: if you’re looking at Certified Diamonds, you can locate it precious to compare the diameters of various diamonds. Since each diamond is individually reduce, some may seem large than others of the identical weight.


Approximately seventy five% of diamonds offered worldwide are Round Brilliants. Rounds diamonds are the maximum famous, maximum tremendous, and most luxurious. If you are shopping a diamond as a surprise, Round Brilliant is typically your most secure bet.

There is not any real hierarchy of shapes being better or worse – it’s far genuinely a count of personal desire. Princess Cuts are the second one maximum famous, and a traditional alternative to spherical diamonds. Cushion Cuts are state-of-the-art and feature a lovely vintage look. If you want something distinct but now not too crazy, strive an Oval Cut, Asscher Cut, or Radiant Cut diamond.

While no form is higher, there are some huge differences among shapes. Take as an instance, the radiant reduce vs the emerald cut. Though they’re a comparable form, the more sides of the radiant cut provide it extra fire and sparkle. If you decide on the emerald reduce’s understated elegance, do not forget that it’s less complicated to spot any imperfections and select a higher clarity grade.

Another tip: Diamonds (even spherical diamonds) may not be perfectly symmetrical. It’s nothing to fear approximately if your diamond’s width does not precisely fit its height, however in case your diamond is lots longer than it is extensive it may now not be what you’re looking forward to. This is in particular the case in shapes like Cushion and Oval, wherein a greater asymmetrical diamond might look “thin”, with much of the fire and brilliance concentrated at the ends.


“Cut” refers to a diamond’s end and proportions, and is essential in figuring out its beauty. Getting the angles proper ensures a beautiful diamond it’s full of lifestyles. In many cases it may be greater tough to spot flaws in a fiery, tremendous diamond.

Cut is generally graded in 5 classes: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. Excellent is the best graded provided through GIA (while other labs may additionally use phrases like “perfect” or numbers like “0”). If you need to play safe, keep on with “Very Good” and “Excellent” cuts when you choose your diamond.


Almost all diamonds have clearly­ taking place capabilities called “inclusions.” Inclusions form as the diamond crystallizes deep underground, and they’re unique to every diamond. They take many one-of-a-kind bureaucracy, and permit you to identify a diamond as your personal. However, big and prominent inclusions can detract from the splendor of a diamond.

There are many exceptional types of inclusions, and no longer all are created same. If your diamond certificates has an “inclusion map,” take a look at where the inclusions are. Try to find a diamond with inclusions near the brink in which they may be masked via sparkle or hidden through the placing of your diamond.

If your price range is restricted, I recommend shopping for “SI” clarity or higher. “SI” stands for “Slightly Included.” With near inspection you can typically spot the inclusions in an SI­ graded diamond, but those inclusions will most probably not be visible as soon as your diamond is about in jewellery. If you want to make certain your diamond will look “eye clean”, even up near, I advocate selecting a VS2 clarity diamond or higher. “VS” stands for “Very Slight Inclusion,” and imperfections in VS readability stones are rarely seen via the bare eye.


The time period “colour” usually refers to how an awful lot warm tint is in a diamond. The scale tiers from D (colorless) to Z (very strongly tinted yellow or brown). Pure white diamonds are considered greater ideal, and are more steeply-priced. Warmer­-hued diamonds (together with K, L, and M) are not always much less attractive, but they’re significantly much less precious.

Conventional awareness is to pick J color or higher. Personally, I love G and H color diamonds ­- they hit the “candy spot” wherein most people will no longer notice color in the diamond except they’re doing a direct comparison. However, an I or J coloration diamond this is properly reduce and has a variety of lifestyles can provide you with a lovely diamond at a good buy fee.

Depending on how they’re reduce, different diamonds will show colour otherwise. This is why coloration grades are assigned by way of looking at a diamond upside­down. Generally, more­ remarkable diamonds show their coloration less than much less first rate diamonds.


Fluorescence has a bad rep, and most of it’s miles unfair. Diamond Fluorescence refers to how a diamond responds whilst subjected to extremely­violet mild. Fluorescent diamonds can glow any individual of several shades, but the most not unusual is blue.

In uncommon cases fluorescence can cause your diamond to have a milky look whilst considered in direct daylight. This is most customarily the case with strong or very sturdy fluorescence and D/E/F shade diamonds.

However, there are many, many extra instances where blue fluorescence is a high-quality factor. Imagine you were shining a blue mild on a yellow diamond… The blue tint can make your diamond appearance whiter. If your diamond falls within the “close to colourless,” “gently tinted,” or “tinted” variety I endorse seeking out medium blue or faint blue fluorescence.

Warning: Green, red, and yellow fluorescence are rare, and they will now not have the equal advantage. If you’re inquisitive about a diamond that has robust blue, very robust blue, inexperienced, pink, or yellow fluorescence, I propose asking your salesperson to reveal you your diamond outside in natural daytime. If you’re buying on line, contact the seller prior to making your buy that will have a look at the diamond first in herbal daytime.


This must constantly be your first question: Says who? Every diamond grading laboratory has distinctive standards, so comparing diamonds graded by extraordinary sources is extremely unreliable. One grader might grade a diamond K SI2, and another might name that same diamond F VS2. I know that sounds loopy, however I see it show up all the time.

The maximum legitimate and constant grading laboratories are GIA, AGS, IGI, and HRD. GIA is considered the worldwide general worldwide. AGS is a famous opportunity in the U.S.A. Whilst IGI and HRD are more not unusual in Europe.

EGL is difficult due to the fact there are EGL labs everywhere in the international, and a number of them do a notable activity even as others may be less reliable. We strongly endorse caution whilst buying an EGL certified diamond except it is from EGL-­USA.

Many diamonds are assigned grades through valuation groups and in-­residence graders. If your diamond does no longer come with a record from a prime laboratory, you must usually ask wherein the grader skilled. He or she must be certified by means of a first-rate grading laboratory: GIA, AGS, IGI, or HRD. Be smart and be careful about reviews accomplished by means of uncertified keep proprietors, salespeople, or valuation companies.


You can select to purchase your diamond online, or from a retail store. If you choose to purchase your diamond in a retail store, keep away from the huge chains and save with smaller independent jewellers. Many independent jewellers are truely extensively less high-priced than their large competitors. (You don’t need to take my word for it – save round and you may speedy learn that this is genuine). This manner you will purchase a higher high-quality diamond and – if you want – you may have the possibility to design your personal hand-made engagement ring putting.

If you pick out to shop online, I would recommend evaluating fees and provider throughout numerous web sites. Be positive that the corporation ships from your us of a – otherwise you’ll be hit with high priced duty and GST. Always make sure you name or e-mail customer support and feature them hand-look at your diamond before you whole your purchase. Sometimes a diamond may additionally look like a brilliant deal, however it may have an unlucky inclusion, asymmetrical reduce, or be negatively impacted by means of fluoresence. And primarily, ensure you have got an clean and low cost manner to return the diamond if it would not turn out as you’ll was hoping. Online purchasing is the first-rate manner to get a incredible deal on a diamond to your engagement ring, diamond studs, or pendant – just overview this text, be moderately cautious, and feature fun.

Hi, my call is Danielle Saudino. I am a New York born New Zealander, and I sell diamonds. My career began as a Manager at Michael Hill, then I traveled to New York City to begin my own organization, Hearts & Arrows:

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