Grand Theft Auto – Episodes From Liberty City Game Preview

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City is a completely unique idea inside the video game world because it is two standalone episodes that do not require the unique GTA IV to work. Therefore, individuals who do no longer have GTA IV should purchase these new mini video video games and play them at complete capacity. This new recreation is to be had on XBox live on October 29 and is certainly worth finding out as it presents two new missions inside the typical GTA fashion of games เว็บแทงบอล.

The new episode this is determined on this disk is known as The Ballad of Gay Tony. In this episode, you’ll play as a bodyguard named Luis Lopez. Lopez is likewise a commercial enterprise accomplice of Gay Tony, who’s continuously looking out for the identify individual’s pastimes. Tony owns two of the top nightclubs in Liberty City, but has these days gotten himself into hassle with shady individuals and desires your help in straightening matters out. If you have got played GTA IV, you will apprehend some of the happenings within the town even as Lopez’s tale is gambling out, as these video video games do no longer have a bit bit of overlap. As Lopez, you will be forced to deal with top magnificence issues, as he does not cope with avenue hoods the manner that many other GTA characters do.

An instance of this comes from a challenge in which Luis Lopez has to lean at the owner of Liberty City’s professional hockey crew, on the grounds that a Russian crime lord named Bulgarin wishes to purchase the crew and the proprietor refuses to promote. As with the entirety else in excessive society, absolutely everyone has a price, so it is as much as Luis Lopez to locate that charge which will get human beings what they want. If they will no longer promote out, as is the case with the hockey team’s proprietor, Lopez is forced to kill them, as is standard in the GTA video games.

Some of the new capabilities on this episode characteristic more helicopter and other stunts, because the high profile nature of those dealings ensure that Lopez is continuously making daredevil maneuvers. There also are quite a number of new weapons included with those games, as Lopez has extra of a budget than GTA characters have had within the past. Other particular functions like planted electrical costs allow Lopez to attend to humans remotely, so he does not even must be in the region to get despite a person. An example of this takes place when a few police officers get a little too near Lopez and Bulgarin. In this scene, the 2 of you and another gangster disguise even as some cops are blown up while looking Bulgarin’s automobile. As is usual in these video games, the police then swarm the place and you are pressured to escape and hide. This scene on my own makes these games well worth a buy because it’s far unique to Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City.

If you experience like you are geared up to step into white collar crime, then this recreation is virtually something you need to play. You will cope with some high stage crooks in those video games, who’ve the resources to make you disappear very quickly. Lopez even has the hazard to practice going for walks the nightclubs through a series of mini games, which make Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City something this is really worth checking out.

The different episode this is blanketed with this game is The Lost and the Damned, that is part of the unique GTA IV sport. In this episode, you will play Johnny, who’s a reformed biker gang member who finds himself in the middle of a turf warfare. Johnny deals with the lower cease of criminals, that is an awful lot one of a kind from the tale of Luis Lopez. The top new is that given that you may get each of those video games on one disk, you could revel in all levels of crime thru those games. This two disk set is to be had in shops or via Xbox Live on October 29 and each GTA lover will in reality love those video video games because they perfectly add to the legacy that GTA has placed forth within the past.


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